Will the Butt Buffer fit my motorcycle seat?

The Butt Buffer comes in a variety of different sizes and fits just about any motorcycle seat. See Chart

Does the Butt Buffer raise the height of my seat?


At the most, about 1/2″. The polymer cushioning on the Butt Buffer is the only material available that can provide incredible comfort with minimal thickness.
Can the Butt Buffer leak like gel or air pads?

Not at all, our hospital-grade seat cushioning is made of a solid and elastic material that doesn’t leak like liquid or gas based seat cushions, even if the cushion is punctured.

Are Butt Buffers hard to clean and maintain?

It’s very easy to keep your Butt Buffer in tip-top shape. We recommend using Scotchguard or a comparable product to protect the fabric. In the rare case your Butt Buffer needs to be cleaned, auto-upholstery cleaner works wonders.

What makes Butt Buffers better than memory foam?

Memory foam needs to be several inches thick to provide any improvement in comfort. However, that’s much to thick for a motorcycle seat cushion. Typical 1/4 inch memory foam seat cushions provide no value at all.

Are Butt Buffers easy to install?

Absolutely! All of our seat cushions come with a non-slip bottom, just place it on your bike and go. For added security, almost all of our top cushions come with adjustable velcro straps that can be secured to your seat.

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