Ride For Hours – No Soreness

Whether you’re riding for 10 minutes or 10 hours, Butt Buffer’s motorcycle seats for long rides ensure you’ll never be sore in your back or your butt.

Ride For Hours – No Soreness

Hospital-Tested Cushioning

Butt Buffer’s seat cushions use a visco-elastic polymer for their cushioning. This core was originally developed for hospital use to prevent bed sores in patients. We re-engineered it to work for motorcycles, and it’s our secret to preventing soreness from riding.

Works by Eliminating Pressure Points

The dry polymer core in a Butt Buffer never fully compresses. This gives uncompromised balance to your ride and removes pressure points that develop from sitting for long periods. No pressure points equals no sore bums after riding motorcycles.

Heat Transfer and Air Flow

If it isn’t soreness, it’s numbness. That numbness is caused by decreased blood flow to your butt while it’s pressed against the seat. The polymer in a Butt Buffer is also designed to improve circulation. The result? You never feel numb.

Ready for the Ride of Your Life?