Shock-absorption starts at the seat

Every bump in the road takes its toll on your body when riding a motorcycle. Adding a Butt Buffer to your seat is the best way to prevent it before shelling out a few grand on better suspension.

Make All Terrain Feel like New Pavement

There’s nothing smoother than a newly paved road. Unfortunately most roads don’t feel that way. The Butt Buffer’s polymer distributes weight evenly on your ride. Better than gel and even better then gel with memory foam. And since it never fully compresses, there’s no road terrain it can’t handle.

No “High-Chair” Feeling

If you’re like most riders, added height is not something you need. One of the unique benefits of the Butt Buffer is it’s thickness. At just under a 1/2 inch, unlike gels and inflatable cushions, you’re seat height barely changes. However, if you want your seat to be a bit higher, a little lower or maybe narrow the sides, check out our POLYMER SEAT INSTALLATIONS. While installing a polymer in your seat, we can make those adjustments at no additional cost.

Real Results, No Gimmicks

Only our visco-elastic polymer seat inserts can give you true comfort and weight distribution. Air, gel or memory foam; they all provide short term relief. With a Butt Buffer under you, you’re promised all day relief. We back it up with our 30 day money back guarantee.

Ready for the Ride of Your Life?